Repair and decoration of apartments, villas or office turnkey in Moscow

Repair and decoration of apartments, villas or office turnkey in Moscow

Repair and decoration of apartments, villas or office turnkey in Moscow
Repair of apartments Moscow and Moscow region, prices
Decoration, renovation of apartments, villas, offices, houses, shops, commercial premises, town houses, finishing and repair work completed in Moscow and the Moscow region

Want a quality repair apartments, houses or cottages, cosmetic or major "turn-key"? Perform repair of apartments turnkey ( prices photos ) in Moscow and the Moscow region.

Brigade of experienced craftsmen, repairmen perform repair and finishing work office, shop, any non-residential premises, electrical and plumbing work of any size and complexity, the repair of apartments, villas, town houses, cottages partially or "turnkey".

The cost of repair depends on the list of works and their complexity, the materials used. On our site you can request a challenge to master for measuring and budgeting at a convenient time for you.

Under the contract we have a progress payment upon performance of repair work with registration intermediate act.

We offer the following services:

Depart, specialist consultation and budgeting - free

Comprehensive renovation and decoration of any premises "turnkey"

Overhaul apartments

Cosmetic repair of apartments

Repair and finishing one, two and three bedroom apartments

Repair of rooms, apartments, town houses, villas and offices of "turnkey"

Electrical and plumbing work of any complexity

Installation of windows and walls of PVC and aluminum

According to customer 100% grade construction site

Delivery of finishing materials on the subject

Cleaning after finishing work

Debris removal

We carry out repair, finishing and additional works in Moscow and the region following types of prices:
Redevelopment of apartments, offices and other premises, dismantling.

Dismantling bath (465 USD / pcs), dismantling brick walls half a brick (620 rubles / m), the dismantling of linoleum carpet (47 rubles / m), the dismantling of the interior door (standard) (300 rubles / unit) dismantling washing sink (310 USD / pcs), the dismantling of the standard window (465 USD / pcs), dismantling radiators (620 USD / pcs), the dismantling of the old wooden floor (250 rubles / sqm.) Price list for dismantling preparatory work , the cost of dismantling can be found here
Price for finishing walls

Modular partition of GCR on metal frame (in two layers without insulation GCR) (651 rubles / sqm), wash the walls (31 rub / sq.m), fabrication and installation of arches GCR (1860 USD / pcs), wall cladding ceramic tiles (527 rubles / sqm), paneling (blockhouse) (372 rubles / sqm), paneling (imitation of timber) (372 rubles / sqm), usually papered walls okleka (vinyl, paper) ( 217 rub / sq.m), painting radiators (465 USD / pcs), grinding walls (78 rubles / sqm), plaster walls to 2mm (155 rubles / sqm), plaster coving window up to 30cm (310 rubles / rm), plaster coving window up to 30cm, plaster walls beacons to 30cm (310 rubles / sqm), plaster walls of complex shape (558 rubles / sqm.) List of work on the walls, the cost of works wall decoration
Price for repair ceiling

Installation of suspended ceilings (620 rubles / m), installation of ceiling panels (plastic, MDF, chipboard, clapboard Euro) without obreshotki interior (310 rubles / sqm), pendant strip ceiling (372 rubles / sqm. m), paint the ceiling (roller) (124 rubles / sqm), paint the ceiling (pulvizator) (186 rubles / m), the unit ceiling of GCR-GVL (two levels) (372 rubles / sq.m) device ceiling of GCR-GVL (three-level) (527 rub / sq.m) of the ceiling of complex structures (combination of several types, etc.) (775 rubles / sqm), plaster ceiling to 3 mm (155 rubles / sq.m), plaster ceiling beacons (403 rubles / sqm). Price List of the ceiling, the ceiling cost of in Moscow
Costs for repair of floors

Self-leveling screed mixture alignment Vetonit type (3-25mm) (248 rubles / m), laying floor tiles (465 rubles / m), laying parquet in Extension (deck) (527 rubles / m) masonry herringbone parquet (651 rubles / m), restoration of wooden floors (planing, shlivovka, varnishing) (465 rubles / m), the restoration of the old parquet (planing, shlivovka, varnishing) (372 rubles / m m), laying carpet (124 rubles / m), laying flooring (186 rubles / m), laying linoleum (124 rubles / m), the unit heat soundproofing sand cement screed with the addition of expanded clay (10 - 15cm) (403 rubles / m), the device teplozvukoizoliruyuschey sand-cement screed with the addition of expanded clay (5-10cm) (341 rubles / m), waterproofing the floor of two layers of waterproofing (124 rubles / m) electric floor heating device (372 rubles / m), figured laying floor tiles of different sizes (527 rubles / m), polishing parquet (124 rubles / m). Fully pricelist to work with a floor price works with the floor in Moscow can be found here
Electrical installation price

Installation of fixtures in the ceiling Armstrong (372 USD / pcs), installation of wall lamps (620 USD / pcs), laying outdoor wiring (incl. telephone, television) with fasteners (47 rubles / rm), laying the heating element electric warm floor (403 rubles / rm), installation of sockets switches (248 USD / pcs), installation of a plate (775 USD / pcs), installation of distribution (distribution) boxes (372 USD / pcs), installing electric meter (837 rubles / pc), niche device for el panel (1240 USD / pcs) shtroblenie floor (concrete) under the wiring (124 rubles / rm) shtroblenie ceiling (concrete) under the wiring (186 rubles / rm) shtroblenie walls ( concrete) under the wiring (124 rubles / rm) shtroblenie walls (plaster) for wiring (62 rubles / rm) shtroblenie walls (brick) under the wiring (93 rubles / rm). Price list for electrical work , the cost of electrical work in Moscow
Prices for plumbing

Inset in the water standpipe (806 USD / pcs), tapping into the sewer riser (806 USD / pcs), tapping into the heating circuit (806 USD / pcs), wiring and heating water pipes (plastic, metal-plastic, copper) (186 RUR / m . n), distributing PVC sewer pipes (186 rubles / rm), insulation plumbing riser (62 rubles / rm), installing a bidet (without wiring) (1550 USD / pcs), installation of plastic tubs (without wiring) (2325 USD / pcs), bath installation simple (no wiring) (2635 USD / pcs), installing a shower enclosure for finished basis (without wiring) (4030 USD / pcs), installation and connection of the dishwasher (without wiring) (1085 rubles / pc), installation and connection of the washing machine (without wiring) (1085 USD / pcs), installing the kitchen sink (without wiring) (1860 USD / pcs), mounted heated towel rail (without wiring) (2170 USD / pcs), radiator installation heating (without wiring) (2015 USD / pcs) sink unit (tulip) (1147 USD / pcs), installation of the mixer (without wiring) (527 USD / pcs), installation of water meter (without wiring) (775 USD / pcs) , installing the toilet (without wiring) (1550 USD / pcs), installation of water filter (without wiring) (1085 USD / pcs.) Price list for plumbing work, the cost of plumbing work in Moscow

Prices for the additional work can be seen here

For a more detailed price list for repair of apartments , you will find prices for finishing work and be able to calculate the approximate cost of repairing finishes in Moscow.

We are ready to come to your building site at any time convenient for you. Upon request, we offer free photo report of work performed at any stage of repair, furnish your apartment on request.

Here you can apply for a FREE consultation and calculation of cost of repair

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Individual approach to each client.

Repair of our work, and we love your work
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